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J & Y INDUSTRIAL (HK) COMPANY LIMITED is a large-scale private enterprises mainly in the production of silicone products. Plant covers an area of 5,000 square meters, with silicone , silicone packed nylon, silicone packed hardware kitchen utensils. We have around 200 production staff, owning a design & development team of more than 10 people with the top industry leading level .
The silicone products which we produced with the following advantages, non-toxic environmental protection, lowest to highest temperature resistance from -40℃ to +280℃, easy to clean, and any  hardness  is acceptable.
We take the Philosophy of "humanized management”, with the advanced technology, mature experience, active and innovative awareness" to produce silicone kitchenware products. Our  strict control of quality, selection of imported materials, improving the quality assurance from the source. Currently a wide range of products are exported to Japan, Europe and other countries around the world. 
 Our silicone products can 100% pass the LFGB test by the European Union and the United States of FDA certification. With the integration of development and production ,we have the ablity to produce any products as per the customer’s 3D drawings.

JINYUAN INDUSTRIAL (HK) CO., LIMITEDDongguan Yongcheng silicone manufacture factoryis a large-scale private enterprises mainly in the production of silicone products.

  Plant covers an area of 5,000 square meters, with silicone , silicone 

packed nylon, silicone packed hardware kitchen utensils. We have 

around 200 production staff, owning a design & development team of

 more than 10 people with the top industry leading level . 

 The silicone products which we produced with the following advantages,

 non-toxic environmental protection, lowest to highest temperature 

resistance from -40℃ to +280℃, easy to clean, and any  hardness 

 is acceptable. 

 We take the Philosophy of "humanized management”, with the 

advanced technology, mature experience, active and innovative 

awareness" to produce silicone kitchenware products. Our  strict 

control of quality, selection of imported materials, improving the 

quality assurance from the source. Currently a wide range of products 

are exported to Japan, Europe and other countries around the world.  

 Our silicone products can 100% pass the LFGB test by the European

 Union and the United States of FDA certification. With the integration 

of development and production ,we have the ablity to produce any 

products as per the customer’s 3D drawings.